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Benzema the hero as he and Vinicius help Real Madrid beat Shakhtar******

MADRID, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Karim Benzema scored twice as Real Madrid defeated Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 in the Champions League on Wednesday night to take a big step towards qualifying for the last 16 of the competition.。

The win leaves Real Madrid with nine points from their four group games and another win away to Sheriff Tiraspol in three weeks will book their place in the knockout stage.。

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti fielded arguably his strongest side with Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric in midfield and Karim Benzema alongside Lucas Vazquez and Vinicius Jr in attack.。

Real Madrid won 5-0 in Ukraine a fortnight ago, but Alan Patrick gave them a warning that this would be tougher when he rattled the Madrid post with Thibaut Courtois beaten.。

A bad mistake from the Shakhtar defense allowed the Spanish side to take the lead in the 14th minute: Marlon Santos lost the ball while trying to play out from the back and Vinicius left Benzema with a tap-in to open the score what was also his club's 1000th goal in the European Cup.。

However, after Modric went close to a second goal Madrid seemed to take their foot off the gas. Fernando grazed the outside of the post when he was placed to do better in the 31st minute and after the home side failed to heed the warning, he drew Shakhtar level eight minutes later after an assist from Patrick.。

A mistake from Benzema, who lost the ball in midfield, allowed Patrick to again set up Fernando two minutes from the break, but Courtois was able to save with his leg.。

Perhaps spurred by a halftime team talk from Ancelotti, Madrid showed more urgency at the start of the second half and got their reward when Benzema netted his second of the night after the best move of the game which involved some swift passing between Casemiro, Vinicius and the Frenchman.。

Vinicius went close to making the result safe shortly afterwards, but then Madrid again seemed to relax and Stepanenko was inches away with a powerful shot.。

Luka Jovic then replaced Benzema and worryingly for his side, the striker, who is so essential to their play, looked to have suffered a groin strain, but he had done his job for the night by then. Enditem。



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Feature: Runner Wang Manyi never says 'satisfied'******

by Sportswriters Zheng Xin, Yao Youming

XI'AN, China, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- "Are you satisfied with today's result?"

Each time he faced this kind of question, Wang Manyi, the disabled athlete from northwest China's Gansu province, was always reluctant to say if he was satisfied or not.

"I've achieved the goal," he said that instead.

His given name, Manyi, means "satisfied" in Chinese Mandarin.

At the marathon event of the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities kicked off on Tuesday, Wang rushed out of the starting line as the bell rang.

This moment came one month later than he expected.

China's 14th National Games and 11th Nation Games Persons with Disabilities marathon event was initially set on September 26, and it could be the first time the two Games' marathons were held simultaneously. However, due to the bad weather in the host province's Xi'an city, only able-bodied athletes participated in the competitions.

"What a shame for me," Wang said, adding that the change of schedule upset his whole preparation plan.

Wang, the defending champion in the marathon event and a four-time gold medalist at the men's 10,000m on track, is undoubtedly a big name of the visually challenged persons' long-distance running in China. Born in 1990 with congenital cataracts in a remote village in Gansu, he started running in the mountains in 2002 and then became a professional.

"At first, the local disabled persons federation coach told me to play blind football, but I was crazy about running and stuck to that," he said.

This is the fifth time he has featured in the country's highest multi-sport gala for disabled persons. Collecting over ten medals, he was still full of passion in the stadium. At his first event, held on October 23, men's 10,000m, Wang created a new national record of 32:08.19, over 48 seconds faster than the record he set two years ago.

"Cheers surround me and that made me excited," he said after the competition.

Due to the COVID-19 local transmission in Gansu, very few staff members and media reporters of the province came to Xi'an this time, but volunteers and other delegation officials on the course still offered him warm applause.

Before he participated in the marathon, Wang also attended the men's 1500m one day before, which nearly exhausted him.

"I grabbed a bronze medal in the 1500m race, but I am too tired," he said, explaining that he felt he could not carry on in about four kilometers before the finishing line at the marathon.

"I can feel the runner-up was following me very close, but the belief in winning the championship supported me to finish the race," he said.

Marathon is an event for the brave who competes with himself in the lonely journey, particularly for the disabled athlete like Wang whose vision is blurred. Surrounded by applause, he claimed the championship in the visually impaired category again and refreshed his PB (personal best) to 2:31:57.

"After age 30, it is quite difficult for me to improve my PB by even one second," Wang said, adding that he just wanted to keep his current performance as long as possible.

According to Wang he is more optimistic and magnanimous than before and has never insisted on the opportunity to participate in the Paralympic Games or created lots of new national records.

He attributed the changes to his family. In 2017, his daughter was born in Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu. Because he and his wife are both disabled persons, he was a bit nervous about the baby's health condition.

As time flies by, the girl becomes more adorable and healthier as she grows up. "She always cheered me up," Wang said, "what's more, she recorded lots of videos on the cellphone to tell me 'go papa go' in recent days."

Waiting for the starting of his very last event, men's 5000m, on Thursday in the stadium, his mind already flew back to his hometown along with his wife and daughter. However, the homesickness didn't bother Wang, who lapped nearly all of his other opponents on the track and attained the gold with a brand-new national record 15:21.85.

He sat on the ground for over one minute to hear and "feel" other runners finish the race.

"Three gold and one bronze medals were collected in the bag. That was what I planned to achieve before I came to Shaanxi but I could have done better," said he.

See, there are no "satisfied" words whatsoever.

But in his heart, there would be no more satisfying things bigger than being a member of a happy family as well as being a champion in the National Games. Enditem

China releases operation rules for Beijing bourse******

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- China's securities regulator on Saturday published rules for initial public offerings, refinancing and supervision for the newly-announced Beijing Stock Exchange.。

Along with related normative documents, these rules are set to come into effect from Nov. 15, according to a statement on the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.。

The securities regulator had solicited public opinions on the rules before the release. It has adopted all constructive opinions on protecting the rights and interests of small and medium investors, boosting listed companies' operation capabilities and improving information disclosure, the statement said.。

China has decided to build the Beijing bourse into a primary platform for innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises as the capital market evolves to meet the financing needs of various entities. Enditem。

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